Selva do Brazil 100ml

The simplicity of a botanical perfume

From the Portuguese ‘selva do Brasil’ or ‘forest of Brazil’, it evokes the Amazonian forest that offers luxuriance, warmth and moisture.

Our perfumers have reinvented the "selva" by melding a dry, inimitable green note that reveals its original, bold nature.

This Grand Cru unveils an original and unreal nature. A gentle shower falls from the sky to slowly graze the skin, in a moment of freshness and lightness. This perfume, a great blend from far-away, leaves a sublime and harmonious of scent.

Petitgrain from Paraguay, tonka bean from Brazil and Gaiac wood from Argentina come together to create a timbre that is both alive and racy, like the sap that flows in the heart of the "selva's" trees

Tonka bean from Brazil - Petitgrain from Paraguay – Gaiac wood from Argentina

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The Amazonian Indians view the tonka bean, which is the fruit of Brazilian teak tree, as a talisman. The word tonka is taken from Tupi (the language spoken by the Tupis of French Guiana and Brazil), where it is used as the tree's name. The beans are harvested as they fall to the ground from August to September. When extracted they produce an absolute with a warm, gourmet aroma reminiscent of almonds.

When I created SELVA DO BRAZIL I had a vision of these moist, rich and deep notes that invite you to plunge ever deeper into the depths of the selva. Then I had no option but to get swallowed up by the immensity of this surprising, unpredictable green ocean. A line of Eaux de Parfum that is worthy of the Grand Cru appellation, distinguished by the exceptional seals on their bottles.
Our perfumers have scoured the world in search of the most precious ingredients to reveal all the subtlety and vivaciousness of Brazil to you.
The glass bottle with its sober, elegant lines is adorned with a black stopper marked with the seal of the Maison Berdoues and a label inspired by the codes of those French wines distinguished by the Grand Cru appellation.

Eau de Parfum - Capacity: 100 ml

Each individual Grand Cru makes its own statement through its olfactory identity that combines exception with elegance and refinement.
Extended steeping in our vats ensures that each Grand Cru releases its character, intensity and personality. The quality of the selected essences and their concentration ensure exceptional lasting power on the skin.

Our Grands Crus are developed taking as much care as is taken with the best wines.
To preserve all the qualities of your fragrance, keep your perfume in a cool place, away from light and heat sources.
Keep the bottle upright and avoid over-frequent exposure of its contents to the ambient air.

Tonka bean from Brazil - Petitgrain from Paraguay – Gaiac wood from Argentina
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