Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml

Acne | Beard-care | Cold, Flu, Decongestant | Cleaning

Choose from 100% Pure & Natural Tea Tree Essential Oil or Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil.

Crop Source: Australia

Aroma: Woody, Herbaceous, Spicy.

Extraction Method: Steam distillation of Tea Tree leaves.

Aroma Tierra Essential Oils are NOT diluted with carrier oils, alcohol or any other solvents .

Aroma Tierra oils are FREE from chemicals, additives, synthetic fragrances and preservatives.

Aroma Tierra oils are packed in specially designed violet glass bottles to prevent damage from sunlight and increase shelf life"

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Aroma Tierra offers 100% pure Tea Tree essential oil from Australia. It is extracted from steam distillation of Tea Tree leaves. No additives! No dilution! No preservatives!

Tea Tree Essential Oil is safe to use in a diffuser, and diluted* on the skin. A patch test should always be carried out before applying any essential or carrier oil to the skin.

Diffuser: Add between 5-10 drops to your burner or diffuser for a clarifying and fresh scent.

Skincare: Add 1-2 drops to your cream, serum or carrier oil of choice, to see improvements in acne prone and oily skin and minor cuts.

Due to Tea Tree being a great bacteria killer, you can also apply Tea Tree to your shampoo, conditioner, warm bath or nails to detox and sanitize.

100% Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil
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