1. CODAGE Paris – Mix & Match your Bespoke Skincare

    At the core of CODAGE Paris skincare lays the insta-famous CODAGE Serums. You might have seen these beautiful minimalistic Flacons on the Instagram’s of Kim Kardashian West and Victoria Beckham, but these gorgeous serums are now available exclusively in the GCC on BALMESSENCE.


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  2. 10 Questions On the Skin Microbiome, Answered By BALMESSENCE Founder Angela Turovskaya

    1. Why is there suddenly an interest in Microbiomes in skincare?
    "It has been discovered that skin problems like acne, eczema, rosacea are often connected to an unhealthy balance

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  3. 6 Steps to Detox Your Skin with Grown Alchemist

    Grown Alchemist has expertly developed scientifically innovative skincare, through the understanding of cellular renewal in the skin. Their groundbreaking formulas are adapting to the way that the body repairs and regenerates common skin concerns – whether it be genetic or impacted by the environment.

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  4. Ageing Beautifully with Frankincense

    Ageing Beautifully with our Frankincense Favorites from Neal's Yard Remedies. البخور Living here in the Middle East we are used to burning incense and inhaling beautiful aromas in our homes and in public places like malls and hotels. One of the more popular incenses used here is Frankincense. Have you ever traveled to Oman? You will smell frankincense incense nearly everywhere! Frankincense incense has special antibacterial properties, which enable them to naturally purify the air and surfaces in a room.
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  5. BALMESSENCE Winter Skin Essentials

    Have you noticed your skin’s needs changing recently? If your skin is more sensitive, drier, and more dull than usual – the weather change has most likely taken a toll on you. As the seasons change, what your skin requires to stay healthy, plump and glowing does too, from head to toe. Luckily for you, we have selected our top skincare products, that are designed to add the moisture lost, back into your skin & MORE!
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  6. Be your own healer – Explore Essential oils for Beauty & Wellness

    Is the rising popularity of essential oils over the last decade just a passing craze? Well, if we look a little more closely the answer is a resounding no – in fact, the adoption of essential oils as a lifestyle choice was bound to happen and is here to stay. More and more people are turning to natural beauty regimes, wellness remedies, and are adopting a more holistic and chemical-free lifestyle. With immense protective and healing properties, essential oils offer a completely natural solution for a wide range of beauty and wellness benefits – promoting restful sleep, reducing stress, preventing premature ageing, fighting scars and marks, promoting healthy and youthful skin, preventing hair-fall, combating symptoms of cold and congestion, aiding digestion, boosting immunity, etc., and the list goes on and on. Countless benefits, versatility, and ease of use of essential oils make them an obvious go-to solution in every home.
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  7. Best Anti Ageing Face and Body Oils

    Best Anti Ageing Face and Body Oils

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  8. Chemical Vs. Mineral Sunscreen: What’s The Difference?

    A talk about the use of sunscreens, chemical & non-chemical based sunscreens and more.
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  9. Creams or Oils

    Creams or Oils?

    Recently many skin care brands have started adding oils and oil serums to their skin care lines. And there are many celebrities claiming they use only oils on their skin. We were told in the past that frequently using oils on our skin can do more harm than good, that oils clog pores, and now the beauty industry taking a new turn and credits oils for numerous benefits they can deliver to our skin.

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  10. Everything You Need For A DIY Facial Massage

    “A facial massage helps stimulate the skin and muscles, it increases the blood flow in the face improving circulation and decreasing puffiness to create a bright and even skin tone” – Angela Turovskaya


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