Rassoul Powder- Geranuim 200G

Tired of jumping from one magazine beauty tip to another, or trying all the available tricks on the internet, hoping to get glowing skin and enviable hair? Rassoul could be your answer! Argan oil has been trending lately as the best to do the job, Rassoul is not falling behind if not overtaking. This is organic clay packed with minerals that nourishes your skin and hair and does wonders. Benefits of Rassoul: 1. Possesses absorbent, astringent and soothing properties. 2. Cleanses and eases the skin. 3. Reduces sebum secretion. 4. Tightens pores. 5. Lightens the complexion. 6. Gives volume and shine to hair. 7. Improves skin elasticity/firmness. Dermatologically tested. Made in France 200g
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Once the Rassoul clay is applied to the skin on the face and body, it acts as a blotter by absorbing grease particles and impurities. It rids the skin of the deepest impurities. It is hypoallergenic and particularly recommended for sensitive or impure skins. The clay is extracted from the only known beds in the world, located in Morocco. Rassoul is rich in magnesium, calcium and potassium. Rassoul has been used for 12 centuries by north-African and middle-eastern populations for daily skin and hair care.
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Hectorite, parfum (fragrance) for Geranium Rassoul
For external use - Face, Body and Hair. Preparation: Mix with orange blossom water or distilled water in equal proportion to obtain a smooth dough. Add a drop of Argan Oil for dry skin. Wait between 2-5 minutes. Face and body: Apply the dough with circular movements on clean skin. The Rassoul can be easily used as exfoliating scrub to give to the skin matt and satin effect. Do not apply to the outline of eyes. Hair: Apply the dough to wet hair. Massage slowly the roots then leave it for approximately 10 minutes (5 minutes for dry hair). Rinse carefully. After this procedure hair looks silk and has brilliant shine. Do not apply on dyed hair.
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