Acca Kappa is a niche brand universally recognized as a byword for luxury and reliability, coming from an Italian family-run business that dates back to 1869. Acca Kappa is today a world leader thanks to the quality of its products born of a unique workmanship that is part and parcel of the taste, culture and excellence, underlying the “Made in Italy” label. Fruits of profoundly Italian art, quietly handed down from one generation. Acca Kappa conveys the emotions and values of a family and a factory life spinning three centuries. The toiletries collections offer uniquely clean designs and exquisite packaging. They are exclusively produced in Italy embracing the values of nature and tradition, combining wonderful textures for the body, superbly natural fragrances and natural active ingredients. A fragrance collection with an exclusively determined character, created from meaningful life experiences. A discovery of unique fragrances and emotions by Acca Kappa. “We grow up through experiences made of emotions, colors and perfumes. My values are family and nature; my colors and perfumes are the same distilled in Acca Kappa fragrances. All Acca Kappa perfumes are meant to share the memories and the experiences that I highly cherish.” Elisa Gera

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