As the seasons change and so does your wardrobe and skincare. Have you considered changing your signature perfume too? Think of your fragrance as your favorite clothing item & how it makes you feel during the year. Would you wear your floral blouse on a cool winter’s morning or your cashmere scarf on a warm summer’s day?

During the spring season, it is natural for us to gravitate towards sweet, floral and fresh fragrances, as our body temperature will increase. An increased body temperature combined with a smoky, intense-leathery or warm spicy perfume is surely not ideal. Instead, popular notes for the spring include references of Marine, Citrus, White Flowers and Fresh Fruits.

We have shortlisted our top 10 Spring Scents, guaranteed there is a signature scent for everyone.

Berdoues Grands Crus - Somei Yoshino:

Inspired by the Japanese Cherry Blossom, Somei Yoshino or “Yoshino Cherry” is a Hybrid Floral Tree, with an incredible pink and white bloom. This tree blossoms in early to mid spring, for around two to three weeks, and during this time the streets of Japan is covered in hues of elegant and fragrant pink and white flowers.

Somei Yoshino Travel Spray

Lengling No. 7 - Sekushi:

This fragrance is a great example of when a slight ‘leathery’ perfume is completely appropriate during a warmer climate. Balanced with Candyfloss, raspberry, apricot and muguet, Sekushi takes a romantic & light hearted turn & becomes a wonderful fragrance for the warmer Spring evenings.

No 7 Sekushi Extrait

Arte Profumi - Secret:

A playful blend of Magnolia, Apple, Violette & Musk makes for a flirtatious and light fragrance, that can be worn throughout the day and into the evening. Customers have reported the fragrance to be subtle, long lasting and not at all overwhelming – as white florals often could be. A true springtime classic!

Secret - Magnolia Parfum

Jardin de Parfums - Oracle:

Inspired by travels in a foreign city, this fragrance embodies all that is “Vacation”. The first notes are unmistakably coconut, followed by amber and lily. The dry-down is sweet & dreamy, with softening notes of vanilla & vetiver – which makes this fragrance ideal for the pleasant evenings.

Papaverum - Oracle

  1. Micallef - Ylang in Gold:

Composed of a beautiful blend of floral bouquet & warm “sunny” notes, this opulent bottle is inspired by the beautiful Southern Islands off the coast of France. Decorated by hand with Swarovski Crystals, this fragrance is opulent from the inside out. When sprayed on the skin, the gold shimmer leaves a subtle glowing shimmer, the perfect fragrance to wear with a slight spring dress.

Ylang In Gold

Berdoues Grands Crus: Azur Riviera

This fragrance draws its inspiration from the French Riviera, with enticing yet refined notes of Aquatic Fucus (Algae) from France, Jasmine and Orange Blossom. Imagine the salty sea spray, onto soft white flowers, producing this ultimate Fresh bouquet. That is exactly what you will feel from Azur Riviera.

Azur Riviera


Onyrico – Tau:

The story of Tau speaks of the relationship between man and nature. A green, woody – fresh fragrance, which evokes a sense of one-ness with nature – to celebrate “the gifts of heaven and earth” The Cap is made from Verde Alpi, a forest green marble that represents hope.



Nobile 1942 – Fougere:

Considered timeless, this award winning fragrance features modern notes of fizzy water and bitter tonic, blended with classic lavender, aldehydes, tobacco, tonka bean, sandal wood and white musk. All the notes for a perfectly balanced Fouguere fragrance. A spring-time classic!

Fougère Nobile Eau De Parfum


Jacques Zolty - Je Suis Snob:

This fragrance opens with delicious blackcurrant and spicy pink pepper, followed by rose and champagne (ROMANTIC!) in the base, the fragrance is rounded off with white musk.

A note from Jacques Zolty: “An Olfactory musical that suggests the sweetness of an encounter, the intoxication of love, the poetry of a dance on the shore”. Need we say any more?

J’Suis Snob

Stephane Humbert Lucas 777 – Taklamakan:

As the name suggests, Taklamakan is an oriental sweet fragrance inspired by the desert in China. A fruity, floral scent, with notes of bergamot, rose, Chinese sandalwood, iris, patchouli, guaiac wood, vanilla and musk, it is hard to resist this fragrance during the warmer seasons!

Taklamakan Eau de Parfum