LENGLING MUNICH is a family perfume house that was born out of a vision. For 27 years Ursula and Christian Lengling have been loving and faithful to each other and their common passion, perfumery.

Every fragrance is a story, a memory... about travel, about bright emotions of life, about memorable for both events for example El Pasajero retells a story of their first visit to Ursula’s parental home and the first vacation together with her husband in Andalusia. Fragrance Sekushi – tells the story of her visit to Christian’s parents home and her impression of Japan.

LENGLING MUNICH has nine niche fragrances, and each of them communicates the important moments of their creators' lives. Unlike the classical pyramid, which consists of three basic notes, Ursula and Christian use two. Symbolic and unique. Leng and Ling, like Yin and Yang, harmonious with two main contrasting notes. Both notes are visible from the beginning and live in the composition to the end. They play with each other, challenge each other, giving birth to absolute harmony.

Up to 60 different perfume oils are used to create a single fragrance. Synthetic essences are used only for two reasons: to avoid the use of animal-derived ingredients and to replace oils that cannot be extracted naturally.

In the fragrances of LENGLING MUNICH everything is important: the story that the creators want to tell, the notes in which they enliven the depiction, and the bottle in which the whole life is enclosed. Christian and Ursula emphasize the exclusivity of their perfumes: each exquisite and refined bottle is filled with perfume by hand, hand pasted label, and the silver cover crowning this jewel is a dedication Munich, resembling pebble pebbles from the Isar River.

“Our Isar pebble is a personal homage to Munich. Each one is individually polished by Hand.”
Christian Lengling


El Pasajero No.1


Great for the morning/ daytime and the office.

Mediterranean Fresh Floral with a soft base of Amber and Vanilla.

It is a dedication to the calm and transparent atmosphere of a warm summer night in the mountains of Andalusia.  Elegant and thoughtful floral-amber fragrance inspired by the glittering stars on the couples’ first trips together.

LENG Note: “Brilliant Diamond” -  Fucus Absolue, Amber, Hedion, Galbanum.

LING Note: "Silky Magnolia" - Magnolia, Vanilla, Absolute Osmantus, Benzoin.


Skrik No.2


Woody, floral, gourmand, fragrance with a soft sweet base of Vanilla & Lavander

Sensual, perfect for morning/ day wear however can be worn on a summer night out.

A fragrance inspired by the sunset, the time of day, so beloved by artists and poets. Reflection, talking about nature and the place of man in it. This composition is a fusion, perfectly suitable for both men and women.

LENG Notes: “Raw Cedar” - Iso-e-Super, Hedion, Petitgrain, Sandalwood.

LING Notes: "Soft vanilla" - Vanilla, Lavandin Grosso, Tonka Beans, Musk.


Acqua Tempesta No.3


A gentle smokiness, stylish and charismatic. Cedar and Vetiver makes this fragrance rather classy. Perfect for day and night – or business meetings & office.

This is a bright and unexpected perfume dedicated to men who are not afraid of calling the forces of nature. A very distinctive aroma, with an oceanic character, and contrasting woody notes.

LENG Notes: "Dangerous Smoke" – Oibanum (Frankincense), Haitian Vetiver, Cedar.

LING Notes: "Fresh Water" - Aquatic Chord, Hedion, Peppermint, Alamy.


In Between No.4


Transition from a young innocent girl to an elegant woman. The creators of this perfume tried to express this transition. First notes seem carefree with light Persian jasmine, peach, rosewood, white floral and sweet – to reflect a youthfulness, contrasting more flowery – powdery notes of violet, jasmin sambak & lily of the valley to reflect elegance & maturity.

Memory of youth in anticipation of maturity. Very sensual and extraordinarily graceful.

LENG Notes: "Youth" – Patchouli, Musk, Vanilla, Palisandre.

LING Notes: "Maturity" - Jasmine Sambak, Violet, Lily, Peach.

Eisbach No.5


An aromatic spicy green & lemony opening with herbal notes. This fragrance is a great day/ morning scent however it can be worn in the evening for those who would like to add a spicy - herbal edge

Eisbach combines the traditions of classical European and Japanese perfumery, the bubbling energy of the West and the peaceful tranquility of the East. A beautiful wave that delivers the perfect fusion of citrus freshness with the wisdom and harmony of Japanese Green Tea.

LENG Notes: "Bubbling energy" - Bergamot, Spearmint, Grapefruit, Cassis Absolue, Melon, Lime

LING Notes: "Wisdom and Harmony" - Green Tea Absolue, Mimosa Absolue, Basil Comores, Lavandin Grosso.


A La Carte No.6


Woody Gourmand with contrasting soft and sweet notes – perfect for day or even night.

A La Carte is a rich, oriental, unisex fragrance with light gourmand accents. The perfume is dedicated to luxury, not only in material life, but also spiritual luxury.

LENG Notes: "Fatal Oud" - Oud, Australian Sandalwood, Styrax, Olibanum.

LING Notes: "Sugary Delicacies" - Pistachios, Toffee, Pink Pepper, Vanilla, Benzoin, Heliotrope


Sekushi No.7


Sweet, original and provocative with some earthiness. Feminine with a slight edge. Intended for the evening. Confident and sophisticated – the most sensual in the collection.

Sweet fruits & dark leathery notes create a fanciful and erotic fragrance.

LENG Notes: "Leather" – Leather, Patchouli, Olibanum, Musk.

LING Notes: "Fruity Sugar" - Cotton Candy, Raspberries, Apricots, lily of the valley and Sand.


Apero No.8


Modern, trendy, bright and stylish perfect for day/ office wear. Clean & crisp with a warm cashmere musk & oud.

This fragrance is a memory of a warm southern night accompanied by an icy sparkling drink. The perfect balance of elegant Chardonnay grapes, citrus and Mimosa

LENG Notes: "Sparkling Drink" – Chardonnay Grapes, Lime, Petitgrain, Mimosa Absolue.

LING Notes: "Summer Night" - Heliotrope, Tonka Beans, Cashmere, Musk, Oud.


Wunderwind No.9


Sensual composition and as refreshing as a walk in a pine grove. Spicy fresh aroma of pine needles and Mediterranean herbs, warm breeze from the sea... The perfect day/ holiday perfume.

LENG Notes: "Shady Pine Grove" - Pine Needles, Honey, Rosemary, Thyme Absolue and Resin Incense.

LING Notes: "Sunny Sea" - Sea Breeze Tones, Lemon, Musk, Watermelon, Floral Ozone Notes.

Lengling Munich also has created a capsule range of beautiful Hair Perfumes – Inspired by their namesake perfumes – with a formula that not only protects the hair, but also provides nourishment – giving you a new way to adore LENGLING Munich Perfumes.

Since 2014, our goal as Munich’s first perfume manufactory was not only to create elegant scents, but also a complete artwork that achieves uncompromising premium quality in every respect.”