Why use a different fragrance for night time? What is the difference between a daytime and night time fragrance?

The main difference is that daytime fragrances are much lighter. They are often worn in an office setting or when you will be in close contact with many people. Therefore they tend to be formulated with a lot of citruses, herbal smells, and light florals... Nighttime fragrances are very deep, loud, sultry, and heavier with a lingering scent.


BERDOUES - Millésime Oud Wa Misk 100ml

An intense, charismatic fragrance. The Millésime Oud Wa Misk - Oud and Musc - reveals an animal and intimate note of Oud of Laos, mingled with the sweetness of a musky note. Our perfumers have given birth to a mysterious, deep, and distinguished blend. Patchouli of Indonesia - Encens of Somalia – Agarwood of Laos. At the heart of the Grands Crus collection, our perfumers are inspired by rare and precious raw materials, rigorously selected in order to create Millésimes collections. The fragrance is artistically interpreted on a precious glass bottle with 18-carat gold silkscreen printing and does so expressing a strong personality and revealing the authenticity of the encapsulated juice. Each Millesime Grand Cru has a 20% perfume concentration that makes it last longer on your skin.

BERDOUES - Millésime Oud Wa Misk

STEPHANIE HUBERT 777 - Soleil De Jeddah 50ml

Amber & Strass. Fulgurance: Lemon - Roman Chamomile – Osmanthus. Metamorphosis: Iris roots - Amber Cedarwood - Earthy notes. Quintessence: Iris butter - Russian Leather - Madagascar Vanilla She leaves a mysterious and solar trail of perfume in her wake. A grace untouchable, almost burning. Leather and roots melt together into amber and Oriental flowers, bathed in citrus fruits. “The intense light of the midday sun”

  STEPHANIE HUBERT 777 - Soleil De Jeddah


M.MICALEF - Ylang in Gold

Ylang In Gold is a flowery fragrance that evokes the islands. It opens with scented notes of orange, geranium mixed with Ylang-Ylang and roses, revealing the subtlety of coconut and vanilla. The exceptional texture of Ylang In Gold leaves a delicate and refined nacreous golden veil on the skin.
M.MICALEF - Ylang in Gold 

DETAILLE - Sofia Eau de Toilette for Women 30ml

Sophisticated. Oriental. Floral. Starting with the green of blackcurrant buds, tangerine, and ivy leaves, the heart is a sublime floral harmony composed of carnations, jasmine, and heliotrope. The base of Tonka beans and vanilla interweaves with the mysterious accents of patchouli. 

 DETAILLE - Sofia Eau de Toilette for Women


ARTE PROFUMI - Samharam Parfum 100ml

An Arabian, spicy fragrance, with smoky incense and myrrh notes. Samharam is a unisex fragrance that was launched in 2017. HEADNOTES: Incense. HEART NOTES: Myrrh. BASE NOTES: Benzoin 

 ARTE PROFUMI - Samharam Parfum


ARTE PROFUMI - Harem Soirée Parfum 100ml.

A floral oriental fragrance, with animalistic amber notes. Harem Soiree is a feminine fragrance and was launched in 2013. HEADNOTES: Myrrh HEART NOTES: Grey Amber BASE NOTES: Rose

 ARTE PROFUMI - Harem Soirée Parfum