E-Boutique for Pure Beauty & Unique Fragrances

Born from the knowledge that true beauty and good looks are not formulated in a laboratory, BALMESSENCE is poised to become the online destination for those seeking superior eco-luxe brands. 

Each product has been carefully chosen for the quality, potency and authenticity of its natural or ethical ingredients, as well as its sophisticated beauty-boosting benefits.

All brands on BALMESSENCE actively minimize the presence of harmful ingredients and preservatives in their products and are often certified natural or organic.

We swapped Synthetic for Authentic.

Angela Turovskaya, founder of BALMESSENCE says, “At BALMESSENCE we deeply value the precious authenticity of natural beauty and know that effective beauty products do not need to be made from harsh, synthetic ingredients.

By enhancing the cosmetic integrity of nature’s own ingredients, we offer our clientele a sophisticated array of products, accessories and niche perfumes designed to make them look and feel gorgeous and healthy, just as nature intended,” she adds.

Amidst the growing trend for luxury organic brands sold online we are excited to introduce BALMESSENCE’s unique concept of ‘nature-luxe’ – ethical beauty products and rare, exclusive artisan perfumes that are a true indulgence for yourself or to gift a loved one

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