Delivery and Shipment

We accept orders only for UAE delivery at the moment. We are working on expanding our delivery network across the GCC countries soon (KSA, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait).

We arrange the delivery from our warehouse to your address. You are responsible for providing correct and complete address information on the Site.

We are committed to deliver your order within 24 to 48 hours during working days (Sunday to Thursday), depending on the time of the day you place the order.

Our courier will contact you maximum 3 times on your mobile phone number, and in case failure to reach you, we will hold your order for up to 7 days. In such case you are responsible to

contact us to re-schedule the delivery. If we don’t hear from you after 7 days period, the delivery fee and 10% on the total invoice will apply as administration expenses.   

The maximum weight our courier can ship is 25 kg per order.

The site will NOT deal or provide any services or products to any of OFAC sanctions countries in accordance with the law of UAE



Shipping Cost

Free Shipping across UAE for orders AED 250 and above (dispatch within 24 hours during working days) excluding remote and out of service areas mentioned below.

A delivery charge of AED 17 is applied for UAE orders bellow AED 250


Out of Service Areas – UAE

There are areas within UAE, which are remote and are logistically difficult to deliver. Deliveries to such areas are scheduled once a week only. We do not do free deliveries to such areas

and the delivery charge of AED 40 will apply for successful delivery and AED 50, if delivered on the second attempt. A cancellation fee will apply accordingly as per our cancellation policy.


Out of Service Areas:

Abu Dhabi     Qareen Al Aish        

Abu Dhabi     Jananah Island         

Abu Dhabi     Tarif   

Abu Dhabi     Al Marfa       

Abu Dhabi     Abu Al Abyad          

Abu Dhabi     Ras Ghurb Island

Abu Dhabi     Ruwais          

Abu Dhabi     Al Hamra

Abu Dhabi     Jabal Dhana  

Abu Dhabi     Liwa   - No delivery

Abu Dhabi     Sila      - No delivery

Abu Dhabi     Al Btaha

Abu Dhabi     Alk Wifriah  

Abu Dhabi     Madinat Zayed         

Abu Dhabi     Bu Hasa        

Abu Dhabi     Asab  

Abu Dhabi     Arada

Abu Dhabi     Taraq 

Abu Dhabi     Kayyam         

Abu Dhabi     Alyhyali         

Abu Dhabi     Sabkhah        

Abu Dhabi     Wedhail        

Abu Dhabi     Al Khis          

Abu Dhabi     Jeeisah           

Abu Dhabi     Hamim          

Abu Dhabi     Jereirah         

Abu Dhabi     Shaybah        

Abu Dhabi     Shubaytah     

Ajman           Manama       

Fujairah         Bidya 

Fujairah         Qurayya

Fujairah         Kidfa Area    

Fujairah         Marba

Fujairah         Bitna  

Fujairah         Qurayya        

Fujairah         All Quaries Area      

Hatta             All Oman Boarder Area       

Hatta             Munai

Hatta             Masfouth        

Al Ain/Oman  Buraimi             

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