BALMESSENCE Winter Skin Essentials

BALMESSENCE Winter Skin Essentials

Have you noticed your skin’s needs changing recently? If your skin is more sensitive, drier, and more dull than usual – the weather change has most likely taken a toll on you. As the seasons change, what your skin requires to stay healthy, plump and glowing does too, from head to toe.

As we lose the humidity of the summer, your skin’s ability to retain moisture becomes limited. This means you will have to add that extra bit of moisture with a cream cleanser, a hydrating mask or an ultra-rich moisturizer.

Luckily for you, we have selected our top skincare products, that are designed to add the moisture lost, back into your skin & MORE!

The NEW Codage Paris – Oh My Cold Serum & Après Ski Prescription Set


The Oh My Cold Serum is designed with an ingredient found in the Glaciers, to protect, repair and instantly flood the skin with moisture. Together with its hero ingredient from the Glaciers, this serum also contains hyaluronic acid to boost & retain water in the skin for longer, leaving you with plumper, smoother and overall protected skin from the cold and other environmental attacks such as pollution.

This serum is also available in a Prescription Set alongside other products to protect and heal the skin.


Esse Probiotic Skincare – Deep Moisturizer & Rich Moisturizer


These deeply nourishing moisturizers both contain precious prebiotics, that feeds the beneficial microbes on your skin that protect you from ageing pathogens.

The Rich Moisturizer includes active ingredients such as the much loved Marula Oil, Manketti and Yangu which is a combination of Omega 3’s and 6’s. This moisturizer also has lightening properties, to even out any age spots, or discolouration caused by cold weather or environmental stresses.


The Deep Moisturizer also contains Manketti and Yangu oils, for those healthy fatty acids, but has a potent antioxidant. Baobab fruit extract. This will help to fight free radicals that cause premature ageing. An added bonus!

These moisturizers both contain Hyaluronic Acid, calming Rooibos, and are pH balanced at 4,5.


HydoPeptide - Nimni Day Cream

This award-winning moisturizer contains patent peptides & active ingredients are proven to have environmental protectors and collagen boosters. This means in the cold weather, your skin will remain firm, plump and healthy. A true all-in-one!


RepereCare – Prickly Pear Seed Oil

This 100% all natural, cold pressed oil is super rich in Vitamins K and E, as well as antioxidants and Linoleic Acid, which will reduce spots, scarring and ultimately aid in brightening a dull completion caused by dry and cold weather. Mix this beautiful oil with your daily or nightly moisturizer as a beautiful skin booster.

Shiffa – White Tea Moisturizer

White tea is an even more powerful anti-oxidant than green tea, helping to stimulate the skins collagen production and circulation, which is key in the cooler months to keep your skin plump. This moisturizer is a more delicate texture, for those who still suffer from excess oil production. This cult favorite White Tea Moisturizer will regenerate, repair and balance the skin from environmental factors such as cold, pollution and pathogens.

Linda Meredith – Amazon Balm

A truly groundbreaking wonder balm. This luxurious beauty balm is packed full of vitamin C, Omega 9 & 6,  Acai Fruit Oils and Andiroba Seed Oil, all known for their healing and anti-inflammatory properties which will boost the skins natural defenses against dry skin, eczema, sensitive or irritated skin, all caused by changes in the weather. Ideal for all skin types, conditions, and ages.


To find out which of these skincare products would suit your skin concerns and lifestyle the best, contact our Beauty Expert by chatting with us using the chat widget on the website, or alternatively, you may call our offices at +971 4 451 6219. 

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