Treating Hair Loss with Natural & Organic Hair Care - Less is More

Treating Hair Loss with Natural & Organic Hair Care - Less is More

Healthy hair comes from a healthy scalp.
If you suffer from extreme hair loss, this often means that there is an underlying problem. These issues could be a long list of many environmental factors such as diet, stress, harmful chemicals (in the water or commercial hair care), hormones, or even something as simple as not brushing your hair enough.

Some of these factors are easier to address than others. You might not be able to immediately change what comes out of your tap, or your immediately ease your day to day stresses but you can easily change what you consume through eating or the products that you apply to your body. 

The key to this is looking at the ingredients in the hair care. Synthetic ingredients such as sulfates, parabens and artificial fragrances will irritate the scalp. Often without you noticing immediate side effects. These ingredients are found in your commercial shampoos & conditioners, hair sprays, serums, hair waxes and other styling products.

Here to help is LESS IS MORE: an Austrian innovative haircare line, with five complexes for different hair types and concerns PLUS a complete range of styling products to perfectly accompany all lifestyles, environments, ages and hair types. 


For colour treated, dull and damaged hair, Lindengloss is the ideal duo! Lindengloss brings back shine and vibrancy & protects it from your colour fading out. The bioactive conditioner seals the hair cuticles to lock in shine and moisture leaving the hair easy to style.


The intensely moisturizing formula or Mallowsmooth softens and smooths dry, thick and brittle hair, protecting it from drying out. This is perfect for thick middle eastern/ Indian hair types- here in the heat of the UAE. The conditioner is rich and smooths the hair structure from the root- protecting the hair from breaking.

Neem Scalp Relieve:

This mild formula deeply clarifies the scalp to help soothe irritation on the scalp (itchiness flakiness & oiliness) and restores balance. The bioactive conditioner is specially formulated to also soothe these symptoms, normalizing and detoxifying the scalp.

Aloe Mint:

This duo is vitalizing and volumizing, for fine to normal hair. Aloe Mint is pleasantly refreshing and clarifying perfect for hair that tends to become greasy. The conditioner strengthens the hair from the root, improving softness.

Cajeput Pure Balance:

The Cajeput formula is gentle and balancing, adding shine all while protecting the hair against moisture loss. The conditioner smooths the surface of the hair, which locks in hydration, without weighing the hair down. Cajeput Pure Balance is recommended for all hair types.

You can mix and match your prefered complexes to better suit your hair. 

Less is More Shampoo's & Conditioners are available in 3 sizes:

  • 50ml sizes which you can buy in ready collection kits. These are ideal to trial for yourself, travel with or to gift. 
  • 200ml sizes for at-home use. The shampoo and conditioner is sold seperately, so that you can mix and match your complexes. 
  • 1000ml sizes for professional salons, however these are ideal for families too! The shampoo and conditioner is sold seperately, so that you can mix and match your complexes. 

*Important to note:

When switching form commercial haircare to organic and clean haircare, you need to allow your hair to go through a DETOX stage, which might last for some, up to 2 weeks. During this stage your hair and scalp will loose its dependency to chemicals. As soon as the detox phase is completed, a distinct improvement of your hair structure will be noticeable, the hair root regenerates itself and your hair will grow stronger and healthier than ever before making this phase

Less is More is free from synthetic preservatives, artificial fragrances, artificial colourants, petrochemicals, silicones, parabens, sulphates and glycols and packed with naturally pure essential oils, virgin bioactive plant oils and butters, pure aloe vera juice, herbal extracts, flower waters and organic Austrian forest honey and beeswax.

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