Healing Acne Naturally with BALMESSENCE

Healing Acne Naturally with BALMESSENCE

Aggravating acne, by picking at your skin, over-cleaning (with scrubs, soaps or alcohol) or applying harsh chemicals will inflame your skin. As we all know, when you have a cut or scrape on your skin, it is more susceptible to infection, and therefore scarring when the skin is open. The same goes for acne. Not picking at the skin is vital, if you want your skin to heal.

Alternatively, and scientifically proven to have a wonderful positive outcome, are healthier diets, accompanied by increasing your water intake, and removing these harsh chemicals from your skincare routine.

Now let’s get to the solution.

Your skincare routine needs an update, and replacing your daily skincare (and makeup) routine with clean and non-toxic products are essential. We recommend looking for certified natural and organic skincare and beauty products. We have searched all over the globe for “hero” products (to heal acne naturally) from different natural and organic beauty brands, and we have put together a routine, that if followed regularly, will make a difference to even the worst cases of acne prone skin!


Starting off with your cleanser. For Acne, it is important to use an alcohol free cleanser, free from beads, that can irritate the skin. Living Nature Sensitive Skin Cleanser is perfect if you have dry and sensitive skin with acne. This super gentle, soap free, hypoallergenic cleanser will clean your skin deep down with antibacterial properties from Harakeke Flax extract, and makes for an incredible daily makeup remover.



Living Nature Purifying Cleanser is perfect if you have oily or combination skin with acne . This is a light foaming cleanser, which removes impurities and excess oil while rebalancing natural moisture levels. Purifying and healing Manuka extract and gently cleansing (and naturally foaming) Kumerahou leaves skin balanced and clear.



To leave your skin fresh, clean and looking glamorous, we suggest one of the most popular products from Living Nature, which is loved by bloggers and beauty professionals, because it works miracles – Living Nature Deep Cleansing Mask


Made with ultra-purifying Halloysite Clay, this mask unclogs pores, leaving skin clear, well-balanced, and brighter! Guaranteed. It comes with ten individual-use sachets.


Toning will cool down the skin, close pores and once absorbed protect the skin, and reduce inflamation and infection. Here you should be looking for a very gentle toner free from alcohol. We love this Sensitive Toner by Esse Probiotic Skincare. This toner contains Probiotic Extracts and Prebiotic Nutrients which will increase the skins barrier function againts harmful pathogens, bacteria and other external conditions that favour acne. Gentle enough for even the most sensitive skins, this toner will cool down redness, and reduce any hyper-reactive or sensitive in as little as 2 months, thanks to calming Aloe and anti-acne, Lactic Acid.  

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Your final step to clearer skin is to always moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Even for oily skin, this is a vital step to plumper, healthier skin. Your skin may have enough oil, but may lack water.  Using a serum, gel moisturizer or lightweight moisturizer will help reduce oil build up, and the feeling of heaviness on the skin, causing shininess or your makeup to slide throughout the day. Investing in a great moisturizer is the key here. We suggest few great moisturizers for acne skin:


Your treatment AND moisturizer, nature’s first aid remedy for your skin. Manuka Honey Gel is Living Nature's most popular product, a 'proven way to manage acne. This potent blend combines Active Manuka Honey for skin healing with Manuka Oil to help protect, cleanse and soothe the skin. Active Manuka Honey is one of nature's best miracle healers, and anti-microbial Manuka Oil is a super protector - both with proven skin benefits. Apply it in the morning after cleansing and toning and at night before your moisturizer.

Shiffa White Tea Moisturizer - packed with all the best ingredients to heal, balance and protect. Apply before bed-time, so it can do its magic while you sleep. It has a very light and delicate texture and is infused with protective white tea anti-oxidants and pure essential oils restores skin to balance


For those pesky spots, that feel like they’re deep under the skin, or just for an emergency spot treatment,apply Synergic Acne Corrector oil blend. Essential and macerated oil blends are very fast absorbing, and concentrated. You might think that applying oil, to acne prone -already oily- skin is counter-productive, but in fact, Jojoba oil, used in Synergic Acne Treatment Oil, is very close to the skin’s sebum, therefore your skin will acknowledge that there is plenty of sebum, and reduce its own production. It is a powerful product, which contains synergy of acne targeting ingredients (rose geranium, tea tree, palmarosa, lavender), which has healing, calming and anti-bacterial properties.


This skincare routine is produced by a skincare specialist, and makeup artist with 18 years of experience altogether. For additional questions, please feel free to ask us using our ‘Chat’ section in the bottom right corner of our website, or alternatively fill out the form, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Happy #CleanLivingWithBalmessence

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