At BALMESSENCE, we believe that true beauty and good looks are not lab creations. We experienced many revolutionary beauty products and treatments, which have a short-lived effect and have a negative impact on our organism, because our largest organ -  skin, absorbs what we apply on it and chemicals travel throughout the body. Chemicals mean toxins, toxins mean ageing.  We came a long way to finally resist and not get caught up in the swarm of beauty and grooming products buzzling with scientific accomplishments.

We know that our skin and body cells need to regenerate, in order for us to stay looking beautiful and healthy. In order to regenerate, they need vitamins, minerals, essential acids etc. They are all found in large quantities in natural ingredients and of course, in their natural, non-synthetic form. They are powerful enough to boost regeneration process, helping us to look great and feel healthy for longer.

We embraced original to be original. We swapped Synthetics for Authentics.

And we are here to deliver you the best of our experiences – to make you happy and excited by using unique, effective, authentic and exquisite beauty & grooming products, which contribute to your beauty and health.

If you are looking for famous (due to their marketing campaigns) luxury brands on BALMESSENCE, you will not find any. But what you will find is truly luxurious beauty brands in terms of their high quality, powerful natural or organic ingredients, ethics, authenticity and huge benefits for skin, hair and entire body. We carefully select the brands, which minimize the presence of harmful ingredients and preservatives in their products, or those already natural or organic certified.

As we value everything unique, authentic and artistic, we enrich your BALMESSENCE experience with carefully selected, authentic accessories and niche perfumery. We choose unique fragrances for the quality of their ingredients, artistic approach and sophistication.

Welcome to BALMESSENCE – The Home of World’s organic and natural Beauty Brands.

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